Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan - 春秋左傳
Commentary of Zuo to the Spring and Autumn Annals

Chun Qiu Zuozhuan is a commentary on Chun Qiu. Chun Qiu is a historical text written in brief passages in a style associated with written history for oral transmission. The Zuozhuan is one of three commentaries known as San zhuan 三傳, the Zuozhuan being written by Zuo Qiuming. These commentaries are narrative in style and fill out the original sparse text. It is thought to have been complied in the Warring States period (5th cent.-221 BC).

Alternate names: Zuozhuan 左傳 - Commentary of Zuo; Qunqiu Zuo Shi Zhuan 春秋左氏傳 - Commentary of Mr. Zuo to the Spring and Autumn Annals.


The word zhuan 傳 "commentary" can also be read as chuan which means "tradition", "transmission". The title of Zuozhuan can thus also be interpreted as something like "the version of Zuo".

the author

The Chun Qiu Zuozhuan is attributed to Zuo Qiuming who lived in the state of Lu in the early 6th century, as a contemporary of Confucius. The book was probably compiled later, during the Warring States period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BC).

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