Conferences, seminars and other teachings planned for the year to come

Online Teachings

Some past classes and other teachings are available as online videos, in most cases also in a version valid for Credits (CEU, PDA and other). More details in the Online Videos page.

Schedule for teachings in English
date place topic contact
Oct. 24 Live Webinar
6:00 pm PST
Windows of the Sky Points: 5. Tianzhu (UB 10)
(Valid for CEUs/PDAs)
Eastern Currents
Oct. 31 Live Webinar
6:00 pm PST
Windows of the Sky Points: 6. Tianfu (Lg 3)
(Valid for CEUs/PDAs)
Eastern Currents
Nov. 6-9 Boulder
The 7 emotions
The different qi in the body (ying, wei, etc.) and outside the body (heat, cold, etc.)
Blood & qi, body fluids
Nov. 10-12 San Francisco
Symbolic value of Numbers mail contact
Nov. 25 Vancouver
vital spirit (shen, jingshen) Eastern Current
Nov. 26 Vancouver
Notion of Origin Eastern Current
28/12 Kfar Shmaryahou
Health, disease, treatment, healing. Yossi Morgenstern
29/12 Kfar Shmaryahou
The SHEN 神 points. Yossi Morgenstern
30/12 Kfar Shmaryahou
What is an acupuncture point? Yossi Morgenstern
4/1 Kfar Shmaryahou
Emergence, the origin of life, beginning of the cosmos, beginning of a being. Yossi Morgenstern
5/1 Kfar Shmaryahou
Shen, Jingshen , Shenming in the ancient Chinese way of thinking. Yossi Morgenstern
6/1 Kfar Shmaryahou
The funeral banner of Mawangdui, the return journey of the soul to its origin, Hun and Po. Yossi Morgenstern
Classical Chinese Medicine Study Group

Courses are given on a regular basis to the Petaluna Classical Chinese Medicine Study Group.

The format is that of a collaborative group, with each participant becoming familiar with the text and presenting and participating in the discussions. New students are always welcome to attend.

For more details, please follow this link to The Center for Traditional Health Arts.

Teachings in French and other languages

For the program of teachings in French and other languages, please click here.

For teachings specifically in Italian or Portuguese, please click here.


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