Along with the Dao De Jing, this text comprises the main body of early Daoist literature. It is attributed to Zhuang zi although the material was likely written by many authors over more than 100 years. The first seven chapters, the inner chapters, are thought be authored by Zhuang zi and his direct disciples.

Zhuang zi himself was born north of Shangqiu Shi in Eastern Henan. during the Warring States Period in the Western Han dynasty.

Zhuangzi is also called Nanhua Zhenjing 南華眞經 - True Classic of Southern Florescence.


內篇 - Inner Chapters
外篇 - Outer Chapters
雜篇 - Miscellaneous Chapters


Watson, B., trans. The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu, New York, Columbia University Press, 1968.

other translations

Graham’s translation is useful and respected for academic quality, and Watson’s translation is more poetic.

This text has been translated by Federic Balfour, James Legge, Herbert Giles, James Ware, Martin Palmer, Victor H. Mair, Wang Rongpei, and Nina Correa.

Partial translations of the text are available by Fung Yu-lan, Gia-Fu Feng, A.C. Graham, Thomas Cleary, David Hinton, Brook Ziporyn, Thomas Merton, and Brian Bruya.

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Note: This book is based on English translations of Chuang-tzu.

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The Inner Chapters

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The Outer Chapters

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The Miscellaneous Chapters

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Nina Correa’s English Translation ”Being Boundless”.

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A. Charles Muller's translation of Chapter I to Chinese and English.

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